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CROP Pakistan Bank/Farm has come forward with a unique model in the milk and livestock sector. It has established a livestock Bank in the Ghari village in District Dadu. This Bank/farm works on partnership basis based on the experiment conducted by QIROP itself in the same village. On the pilot basis QIROP managed to keep 10 buffalos on the farm for six months. It recorded daily milk produced by each buffalo and the expenditure incurred. It was found out the two times milking of each buffalo equals 8 kg whereas average expenditure on a buffalo equals the price of 3 kgs. Hence 5 kgs are saved by each animal. These figures of income and expenditures make the basis of the model. QIROP Pakistan shares the saving on equal basis which means that the market price of 5 kgs will be equals retained as profit by the CROP Pakistan and the owner of the buffalo. In other words 2.5 kgs will be given to the owner of the animal and the 2.5 will be taken by the company.

How the model works?

QIROP - Pakistan will mobilize the farmers to give buffalos to the company on partnership basis. A business partnership contact will be signed by the QIROP - Pakistan Bank and the famer. As per contract the farmers will get 2.5 kgs per animal per day. There will be a bank account of each farmer and the share of the profit will be deposited in his/her on daily basis. The animal will be insured within the company. During the dry period the profit will be ceased to be deposited and the expenditure incurred on the animal(s) will be borne out by the company. The calf of the animal (s) will be the property of the farmer. The expenditure of the calves will also be borne out by the company. Each farmer will have right to break the contract with the company at any time. The he-calf will be tended for the meat production and the she-calf will be future milk producing buffalo at the farm.

Responsibility of the farmers under the contract:

1.To handover and transport the buffalo or cow to the QIROP - Pakistan Bank/farm established in the village Ghari.

2.To open up a bank account in any commercial bank

Responsibilities of Crop Pakistan:

1.To look after the animal(s) and maintain their health

2.To milk the animal(s) and market it

3.To bear the expenditure of the animals and its calves during the dry period

4.To insure each animal and its calves (insurance for each animal at the farm) against any disease, death or theft.

5.Provide medical and other services

Right of cancellation of the contract:

Both parties reserve the right to cancel/break the contract at any time.

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