Qirop Core Values


Integrity is one of the cores values that QIROP - Pakistan believes in. By integrity the company means to act honestly and do the right thing even when no one is looking or will find out. It is more of an internal barometer of ethics. QIROP - Pakistan believes in the golden rule, "Treat others as you would like to be treated”.It’s important to have this attitude in business. No one wants to do any kind of business with anyone that just takes, takes, and takes. Learn to give first, give of yourself, take that leap of faith, and trust that those that will receive your message or service will be accepting of the heart that you put into it.



QIROP - Pakistan treats the participation of all its partners and stakeholders at all levels in all the decisions and moves as one the key cores values of the company. The very model of milk production is based on the participatory approach as every farmer who opens a bank account by providing a buffalo participates in the business of the company. It gives value to the opinion and suggestion of its partners especially farmers.


Service above self:

QIROP - Pakistan is of the opinion that one reaps what one sow, so sow good seed. Good seed is paying attention to your vision and mission statement, understanding where you want to go and what you want to achieve, and making that a priority.



Very idea of establishing the QIROP - Pakistan is an innovation in the field of milk and livestock production and development. Therefore its one of the core values of the company to encourage innovative and new creative ideas that have the potential to change the world or at least a certain area.

Persistence and tenacity:

As QIROP - Pakistan has brought forth a new and creative model of milk production and livestock development, it knows that many challenges and hardships are awaiting the company as we are a society that is reluctant and change or take any risk. Therefore QIROP - Pakistan considers Persistence and tenacity to be among the core values that the company believes. You must have tenacity, some call it thick skin, to keep going through all challenges and hardships with resistance.


QIROP - Pakistan believes that accountability is one the core values of any good organization and company. By accountability it means assuming the responsibility of its actions that influence the lives of its customers and fellow workers.

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